As my Summer calendar is starting to get penciled in with bookings I have had a few gentlemen ask if they pay for travel days or if they are on my own time.  Here’s the answer;  I’m totally flexible on that.  If I’m going to let’s somewhere in the US I arrive the same day so it’s not an issue, the travel day is included in our time, but not taken out of our time of course.  If on the other had you have an adventure planned for us and we have a day or travel each way (adding 2 days on the trip) then no, I normally would not charge for those days.  I do book my own travel and since we are normally coming from separate cities we often meet in a connecting city, or at the destination it’s not an issue at all.

Hope that clears that up.  Now let’s go see the World and not worry.  I’m very flexible! 😉