Just a reminder about my reference policy.

  1. I will gladly give you a reference if we have met within the last 6 months.  I will give you as many references as times we have met e.g., if we met 3 times I will give you 3 references within 6 months from our last meeting. 1:1.
  2. You email me first and tell me who will be writing me.  I need to make sure for your safety that is not someone in your personal life seeking information about you.
  3. You NEVER give out my personal phone number if you have it.  If we have met you know I hate the telephone and never use it.  I would never give out your phone number so NEVER give out mine, EVER.

I spend a lot of my time returning emails for returning gentlemen and prospective clients and do not have time to field reference requests all day as well.  With this policy in place I already get several a day and I feel it’s fair.  Don’t forget to please let me know before you give my name out.  It just causes me to do more work to write you first to ask you before I write her back and delays your meeting with her.  I often leave these for when I have free time (not often) as well.