The Investment

Let's forget the world for a few hours or days

My rates are geared toward longer engagements as I seek to get to know my suitors and build relationships that last.  I’m based in Beverly Hills, however with a 4 hour minimum I will fly anywhere that’s within a 1 hour flight or 3 hour drive of Los Angeles (Las Vegas, San Francisco etc).  Inquire for more information.

Two hours
minimum meeting

Three hours
Drinks or a light meal out & private time

Four to five hours
A leisurely meal out and 2 hours of private time.

Flexible hours to suit you, wake up the right way!

Couples: Add 50% to any rate listed above.

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Booking 3 hours or longer?

Should our engagement be 3 hours or longer this time must include a meal or social time.  A small discreet deposit is required.  All exclusive trips require a larger deposit plus travel to confirm our meeting.

Cancellation policy

Because I have set this time aside just for us, if you must cancel with less than 48 hours notice I will expect compensation equal to 50% of our scheduled appointment.  Less than 12 hours notice I will expect the entire fee as there is no way for me to recoup that lost income on such short notice.

Your place or mine?

I prefer to join you at your upscale hotel anywhere in the Southern California area but if it’s necessary I can arrange for you to come to my place in Beverly Hills.  If I am traveling I do provide a incall location.