Want to meet me in New York City or San Francisco?  Now is your chance.


I will be visiting both cities in the next couple of weeks.  Here are the criteria for meeting me on one of these trips!

  • Send me an email/form with your requested city//time/length.
  • As usual, 2 hour minimum. Dinner dates and longer will take priority.
  • All appointments must be prepared to give a 25% deposit.
  • No deposit, no appointment, no exceptions.

I have a lot of existing friend in both New York City and San Francisco, however they are also the cities that have the highest amount of cancellations and “ghosting” after I announce a trip.  Hence the deposit policy being enforced so strictly even with regular clients.   Clients in these cities are also some of my favorites so I really enjoy my visits, I just need to make sure this isn’t a pleasure trip because of last minute cancellations.

I look forward to reconnecting with my long time friends and meeting some new gentlemen. Sparks will fly I’m sure.

Escort in New York City | Escort in San Francisco