You may notice a link here or there that takes you to a different url.  Not to worry, I am changing this to be my main url.  I’ve had my old url ( forever but the name just isn’t friendly for use at work or the airport or places you guys like to browse when bored 😉 . This one is less likely to be flagged or blocked by corporate networks.  It also is on an SSL server so be assured your information is safe.  I am also switching over to a secure offshore email and once you email me you will see that in my response.

This site seems to be up and working with no hiccups but if you find one of those wandering links feel free to let me know.  I know there are tons of them in blog posts and I’ll get to that but if you see one on a main page please let me know.  I just wanted to let you know in case you get bounced back and forth between the sites.  Make sure to update your bookmarks to this site.

Looking forward to seeing you,