As many of you may have noticed 😉 I have changed the look of my site a bit as well as changed out the photos to my new photo shoot photos.  I kept just a couple of the older ones, but for the most part they are all from this current shoot.  I just had too many to keep the old ones as well.  Might as well have the most current ones up.  Hope you enjoy.

I still don’t plan on going back to a full touring schedule but I do have a few trips in the works. This is what I’m thinking:
New York City:  I would like to go before years end, if you would like to see me PLEASE join a mailing list, I am unsure if I am going to make an announcement of just go off my list members.
Australia:  This trip will be in early Spring.  Probably very beginning of March.  This will ONLY happen if I get pre-bookings.  SO, if you want to meet, join a mailing list, send me and email and let me know!  I will go to Sydney and maybe Melbourne if I get enough interest.
Singapore/Hong Kong:  I will go to one or the other.  This will also depend on interest and be right after my OZ trip.  Join a mailing list to be notified (see a theme here?)

I do not send spammy stuff to mailing list members.  I only send a letter when I have an actual tour announcement or something to say about a trip.  So, no worries about a bunch of junk coming to your inbox.