Scheduling now for fly me to you dates for the rest of the year.


I have figured out my schedule a bit and am now accepting appointments for the rest of 2018 for fly me to you dates.  I have been asked by many about what dates I’m available.  To those who have asked, I have written you back.  To those who are curious and would like to schedule something, contact me asap to arrange it.

I have been flown on what some would say are extravagant international trips but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love simple local trips as well.  I’ve had as fabulous a time in Sun Valley, ID as I have had in St. Barths.  They are just different types of trips.  So whether you prefer sun and sand or a quiet weekend away locally, I’m your gal.  I am one of those people who finds the fun in everything I do, and being together is what makes the trip special!

Also, if you are within an hour flight of LA, I can come to you for a 4 hour minimum.  I just ask that you cover basic travel costs.  We can paint the town red and enjoy some private time before saying our goodbyes.  It’s the perfect refresher from long work weeks.

So what are you waiting for?  Fly me to you, or meet me somewhere and let’s make those lifetime memories.