Want to meet me in New York City, San Francisco or Washington DC?  Now is your chance.


I will be visiting all three of these cities soon.  Here are the criteria for meeting me on one of these trips!

  • Join a mailing list for the city you are interested in booking.
  • Send me an email/form after joining to pre-screen.
  • I will announce my dates via my mailing list.
  • As usual, 2 hour minimum. Dinner dates and longer will take priority.
  • All appointments must be prepared to give a 25% deposit.
  • No deposit, no appointment, no exceptions.

New York City, San Francisco and Washington DC were easy choices because they are the cities I get the most requests for. However, they are also the cities that have the highest amount of cancellations and “ghosting” after I announce a trip.  Hence the deposit policy being enforced so strictly even with regular clients.  Therefore I have also taken the time to go through my mailing list and removed those of you who didn’t bother to respond to my last few mailers.  If you are interested in a visit, you can join and be screened again.  Clients in these cities are also some of my favorites so I really enjoy my visits, I just have no patience for those who ask me to visit and don’t follow through.

I look forward to reconnecting with my long time friends and meeting some new gentlemen. Sparks will fly I’m sure.

Regular clients:  You can reach me via whatever method you are most comfortable with, as usual.  Our visits are special to me and I don’t want you to think you have to be re-screened.  If I saw you once several years ago, different story 🙂


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