Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I have posted any new updates.  2016 flew by so quickly.  I have added a few new photos to my gallery page as well as to my twitter.  I previously kept a page of “candids” here on my site but I think I will start to utilize my Instagram and post them there instead.  It will keep down on the clutter.  I will post once my Instagram goes live and link to it.

I had very few “tours” in 2016 because of so many private travel requests.  At this point I believe I will keep that the same this year.  I will have a few trips but not the touring schedule I once had.  If you would like to spend time with me and are not in Los Angeles it is best to arrange to fly me to you.  Make sure you are on my mailing lists if you do want to be notified if I happen to find myself coming to your city or in your city last minute.

I look forward to making this year a year full of beautiful memories filled with old and new lovers, travel and new adventures.

Until our lips meet,